My Story

It was around 6 o’clock in the morning when I wake up to knocking on the door. I get up from my grandma’s living room, trying not to wake any of my cousins. I go to open the door to see my step-dad. I was half-awake and can’t remember if I let him in or he just came in. Either way, I went to go lay back down because I was tired. Three hours later, I wake up to my cousins playing video games and chattering. My step dad is laying on the couch playing on his phone. I clean up my sleeping area and put the items away in the hallway. I come back into the living room to my step dad asking where my mom was. My aunt and grandma (my mom’s sister and mom) both told him that they didn’t know of her whereabouts. He called them liars and looked to me. He asked me if I knew where she was. I shook my head no. Each time we replied with an answer he didn’t like, he got more angry and annoyed. He told me to call my mom to tell her to come home. I did as he said, mindlessly. My mom didn’t pick up so I texted her. I don’t remember exactly what I texted but something similar to “Please respond, he’s upset and he wants you to come to grandma’s. Where are you?” I texted her at least ten different times just to get her to reply. She finally replied with “Sorry, I was sleeping. I am on my way now.” We hear her car pull up in the driveway and my step dad storms outside, we all follow. I am standing in the doorway watching them. My mom parks the car and my step dad opens the door for her only

so that he can throw her out of the car and onto the grass. He yells stuff at her and she just calmly replies. He gets in the car and drives off. He drives recklessly and over the median of the roads. I’m scared and tell my mom to get inside before she gets hurt. She just brushes me off and waits for my step dad to come back. He parks the car and gets out. He’s asking her where she was and he wants to see her phone. He pulls out his pocket knife and punches my aunt’s car window. He tells them that he will break it if my mom doesn’t answer him. My aunt doesn’t care much for her car but tells my step dad that she’s calling the police. We all go inside and I sit in the living with my cousins. My parents are talking in the kitchen but we can all see them. My step dad grabs one of the kitchen knives and starts to cut himself. I can see the blood drip to the floor. My aunt says that the cops are here. My step dad goes to the bathroom and locks himself in there. My aunt told all of us kids to go outside, we have to walk over the blood. My uncle came to pick us kids up while the adults figured everything out. The cops go inside and try to get my step dad out of the bathroom. I leave to go to my uncles before I get to see the rest.